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Hi, I’m Gerald Rascionato, one of the coaches here at downsize me...


My OMAD journey changed my life.

I decided to create the Downsize Me program to help others that were in the same position as me use OMAD to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. 

If you'd like to inspire others to try an OMAD journey send us a brief testimonial video or before and after pictures with a short explanation of your experience with OMAD!

Set the example you'd like to see in others and we'll give you a 50% off discount code to use for the Downsize Me program. You can use it for yourself or give it to those you think might want to give it a try.

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Learn More About The Downsize Me Program! 

Your coaches have lost over 100 kilograms combined through their own OMAD journeys!

Imagine getting back to a weight you’re happy with.

The pride you’ll feel when friends and family comment on how good you’re looking.

But most importantly imagine how good it’s going to feel when you have a healthy lifestyle and are proud of yourself and your body.

Gerald Rascionato

Gerald himself will be both your mentor and your host throughout the whole process and yes, your process will be filmed in this amazing documentary.

Dr Arrlann Christie

Dr Arrlann Christie is a GP in Kingscliff who focuses on lifestyle and preventative health through focus on the keystones of health such as diet and sleep.

Joe Holman

Founder of the OMAD Revolution, successfully coached hundreds of people on the Downsize Me journey, including Gerald Rascionato.

Julia Wunder

International quantum healing & quantum flow practitioner, health & transformation coach, yoga & pilates teacher, Kahuna practitioner & Reiki master.

What's included in the course? How does it work?

The Downsize me program is an online course that runs for 6 months. Every week you are given access to your training for the week on how to do the OMAD diet. This includes everything from how to deal with your mental state, how to deal with hunger, how to avoid the pitfalls of fasting plus much more. You also get access to our closed community of other students going through the same journey as you so you can ask questions and support each other through it.

Access to over 48 training videos

Your coaches have lost over 100kg combined. They know what you're going through. With over 48 training and support videos you'll gain all the knowledge to succeed in your weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey.

Journey Resources

It's important to keep track of your progress. You will be provided resources such as your weight loss diary along with recipes and access to our BMI calculator.

Private Community Access

Access to our private Downsize me community where you can ask questions and get support from other members of the community.

Training Webinars and Q&A Sessions

Enjoy monthly training webinars and coaching with our experts along with Q&A sessions to have any of your questions answered

Why choose OMAD for your weightloss journey?

  • No disgusting meal replacement shakes
  • No replacing the food you like with rabbit food
  • Most members lose between 5 and 10kg | 11 and 22 lbs in the first month
  • Huge value for money when compared to diets and other fitness plans
  • Support from the online community of other OMAD members
  • Monthly Q&A with your coaches
  • Tonnes of resources like recipes etc. 


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

OMAD Journey Standard


6 monthly payments

  • Access to 1 new module every week
  • Onboarding call with one of our coaches to set your goals
  • Over 48 training videos throughout the program
  • Membership to the downsize me private community
  • Monthly training webinar
  • Monthly Q&A call.

Free one week trial available

If you want to check it out before committing we have a free one week trial available.