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"In 2013, I lost 178 lbs/81 kg in 11 months. My life journey now looks a lot like helping others on their transformation journey as I successfully nailed mine."

|| Joe Holman

"In 90 days I was able to lose 30 lbs (15 kilograms) and all I did was eat once a day. I'm amazed by the results and encourage you to do the same!"

|| Joel Hunter

"In 2019, I went on a weight loss journey that brought me from 111kgs | 245 lbs to 78 kgs | 171 lbs. I've maintained the weight for over 3 years now..."

|| Gerald Rascionato

"So far on my OMAD journey I've dropped from 87.9 kg down to 79.8 kg and it's staying off unlike other weight loss methods I've tried in the past"

|| Paul Adams

"I've lost 4 kg in 2 months with my partner. I love how my cravings for sugar and bad foods diminished inside of the first few weeks."

|| Wilma Adams

"The photo on the left is me at 275 lbs. The middle photo was taken as I was starting to regain from my low of 185 lbs and was at 194ish. The one on the right is me back to my 185 lb goal and still working at improving.

This is my favorite group!

I needed something new to try and OMAD is where it’s at!"

|| Cookie Borland

"I'm not at my goal weight yet... But am LOVING clothes shopping!

My starting weight was 90.6 kg and my current weight with OMAD is 63.3 kg!

I've lost a massive 27.3 kilograms and am loving life!"

|| Smile Kiwi

"I've been doing OMAD for over a year now. 

When I started I was over 220 lbs but thanks to OMAD I'm now sitting at around 140lbs.

Thanks to OMAD my lifestyle has improved drastically!"

|| Debbie Hurttgam

"Reporting my results for the challenge.
Current weight: 289 lbs!!
I lost 28lbs 4.5 inches off my chest 7 inches off my belly.

(YES this is the same shirt in all three pictures!!)

Pic #1- June
Pic #2- July
Pic #3 - August

I gained the ability to wear a 2XL shirt! And to be below 300 lbs before my 40th birthday!!! I was actually surprised to see a difference in just a short amount of time!"

|| Will Cummings



When I was ready to give up once and for all I came across an intermittent fasting method called OMAD. It’s short for One Meal A Day and as the name suggests, you eat one meal per day.

First I was skeptical, but after literally trying everything else with no success I thought ‘Why not’. I am so happy I did.

After eating only one meal a day for a consistent 6 months, I have achieved the healthy weight I still am today. All while indulging in my favorite foods and drinks.

OMAD helped me shed weight. More than that, I can now do the things I was missing out on for so many years like rock climbing! To be honest, it has made me a whole new person.