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Don't struggle alone. When you join the Downsize Me Journey, you get access to a community of like-minded members who help and support each other.


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The OMAD weight loss journey is a 6 month program designed to transform you both physically and mentally. We encourage and support you every step of the way.


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You will get access to a handpicked team of experts including medical professionals that will guide you along your weight loss journey.


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Tried every weight loss program under the sun?

Every weight loss shake and pills?

Nothing works?

Nothing lasts?

Does this sound like you?


A Weight Loss Program That Actually Works

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"In 2019, I went on a weight loss journey that brought me from 111 kgs (244 lbs) back to my normal weight of 78 kgs (172 lbs). I’ve maintained a healthy weight for over 3 years now..."

|| Gerald Rascionato
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"In 2013, I lost 81 kgs (179 lbs) in 11 months. My life looks a lot like helping others on their journey as I successfully nailed mine."

|| Joe Holman

Program Overview

If you are serious about losing weight, love food and want to take
back control of your life, this is for you.


Expert Support.

We encourage and guide you every step of the way with weekly videos and monthly live Q&A webinars. Our team is here to support you through your journey towards a better and healthier lifestyle.

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Join our journey and the hundreds of people we have helped achieve their weight loss goals. Get inspired with our latest success stories and start your Downsize Me journey today. See Results

Gerald Rascionato

Over three years ago, Gerald accomplished his own Downsize Me Journey and now guides and supports others along their personal weight loss journey.


Joe Holman

Founder of the OMAD Revolution, Joe has successfully coached hundreds of people, including Gerald Rascionato, with the transformative Downsize Me Journey program.


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To experience significant results from the Downsize Me Journey, we recommend a minimum commitment of six months. Here's an overview on what's included in your membership.

➝ Weekly videos with helpful tips, important messages from your coaches and tricks for a smoother transition towards your weight loss goal

➝ Monthly Q&A sessions where we answer all your burning questions

➝ Access to our online community of like-minded people who help encourage and support one another

➝ Opportunity to reach out and connect with your coaches and experts for added support

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our program. If you have not experienced any weight loss after diligently following the program for 30 days, we will provide a full refund.

Your success is our priority and we stand behind the effectiveness of our program with our 30 day money back guarantee.





 *Normally valued at $294. Offer available for a limited time only.

  • Access to new coaching, training and self-development modules every week
  • Welcome questionnaire with your coach to identify and set your goals
  • Over 40 training videos throughout the six month program
  • Membership to the Downsize Me Online Community
  • Access to live Q&A Webinars held each month by your coaches
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