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Throughout my career, I’ve faced many challenges, but none more so than one that’s all too familiar to many of us—how to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I started like so many others - trying out different diets, strict meal plans, exercise… But in the end I always ended up gaining weight back, sometimes even more.

I was feeling stressed, insecure and let down. Not only was I gaining back weight, but I was missing out on all my favorite foods and drinks. What makes this worse is that I did it for nothing! And don’t even get me started on all the wasted sweat and tears I’ve shed.

That is until I met Joe and embarked on the OMAD journey.



When I was ready to give up once and for all I came across an intermittent fasting method called OMAD. It’s short for One Meal A Day and as the name suggests, you eat one meal per day.

First I was skeptical, but after literally trying everything else with no success I thought ‘Why not’. I am so happy I did.

After eating only one meal a day for a consistent 6 months, I have achieved the healthy weight I still am today. All while indulging in my favorite foods and drinks.

OMAD helped me shed weight. More than that, I can now do the things I was missing out on for so many years like rock climbing! To be honest, it has made me a whole new person.

"In 2013, I lost 33 kgs | 72 lbs in 11 months. My life journey now looks a lot like helping others on their transformation journey as I successfully nailed mine.."

|| Joe Holman
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